5 Simple Hairstyles You Can Create With Only Elastics

Sometimes you only need one simple tool to create a gorgeous hairstyle! We love elastic bands for their versatility and ease of use. From bold braids to eye-catching ponytails and elegant buns, there are so many styles you can create with just elastic bands. Below we’ll be sharing five simple and low-maintenance hairstyles that anyone can create with an elastic band.

Elastic-Only Hairstyles You Can Create At Home


The Twist Ponytail

Give your basic pony a chic upgrade by adding in a twist at its base. Simple yet stylish, this ponytail style will infuse your look with understated elegance.


● Separate hair into two sections by placing one on top of another. Tie each section up with an elastic band, creating two stacked ponytails.

● Make a gap above the lower ponytail, and thread the upper one through it. Place the pulled-through (upper) ponytail through it and set aside.

● Repeat the second step by making a gap above the upper ponytail and threading the lower one through it. This time, pull the ponytail in the opposite direction to create a twist.


Everyone’s favorite easy updo can be made more glamorous by opting for a half-up/half-down style. This variation is romantic and feminine, and can work for both casual and formal occasions. It works especially well for longer, wavy hair.


The Half Bun

● Part your hair in the middle (if necessary).

● Take two strands of hair, one from each side, from the front of your hairline, and set them aside to serve as loose bangs.

● Take two more strands of hair from each side, this time from the center of your scalp, and tie them at the back of your head. Choose thicker strands that can be formed into a bun.

● Create your desired bun. It can be a tight chignon or a messy bun, depending on your preference and the occasion.


The “French” Braids

This elegant style looks advanced, but is actually quite simple! Impress onlookers with your styling prowess and while enhancing your everyday outfits with this easy take on French braids.


● Part your hair in the middle (if necessary) and separate into two sections.

● Form a small part at the hairline with two more sections. Twist the strands around each other twice.

● Once the second twist has been formed, add hair to each new section before twisting again.

● Repeat from the hairline to the neck until a braid is formed. Once the braid is complete, secure it with an elastic.

● You can finish the twist at the nape of the neck to create braid/pigtail hybrids, or carry on to create full braids.

● Gently tug on the braid to create volume once finished.

The Low Chignon

A sophisticated take on the messy bun, this style can be used to add refinement to any outfit. It’s also unbelievably easy to create!


● Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail.

● Create a bun by only pulling the hair halfway through the elastic on the last loop of the ponytail.

● Delicately pull at the hair around the elastic and at the crown to add volume to the bun.

● Separate the leftover hair from the ponytail into two sections. Take both sections up and form a knot around the bun. Use an elastic to secure the hair.

● Form another knot underneath the bun with any remaining strands of hair.

Bubble Braids

Create the illusion of braids without actually braiding your hair. This playful style instantly adds volume and character to any outfit! You can also embellish it with hair accessories such as clips or chains for even more fun.


● Create a center part and separate the hair in two sections.

● Form the first ponytail near the hairline by securing a strand of hair in the center of the section with an elastic.

● Make another ponytail directly behind the first. Be sure to include the first ponytail before placing the second elastic on.

● Repeat the process down the length of the strand.

● Gently pull on each section to create a voluminous “bubble” effect.

How To Undo Your Hairstyle

Elastics are easy to take off on paper, but the removal process can cause strain and damage to your locks. Avoid uncomfortable or even painful pulls that lead to stress and prolonged damage with Pony Picks. Simply slide the pick around the elastic band, and it will gently cut the band without causing any pain or damage.

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