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Lolly's Box Winter Subscription

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You've been asking and we heard! We're so excited to launch the new Lolly's box full of all things hair and winter. The perfect combination if you ask me! 


How this works? 

  • Pre-order your box within the 3 day window the box is available (subscription price) 
  • Orders will then be shipped 7 days from the day the window closes 
  • Enjoy all your winter goodies! 
  • If there are remaining boxes left over, those will go on sale at retail price once the window closes. 


What's in the box? 

We've partnered with several local and national companies to bring you a fun and quality box for you and your little. This month's box includes:

-1 Becky Higgins notebook

-3 leopard print pony pick scrunchies

 -3 samples of latte chai perk energy drink

-1 blue Norbold beanie

-1 bottle of Beach Rinse

       - 3 Pony Pick's

       -5 hand picked stickers from Big Moods