3 Easy Hair Styles You Will Love

There is nothing better than an easy and cute little girls hairstyle. Megan with The Beauty Snoop was recently featured on Studio 5 teaching 3 easy hairstyles that your little girl will love! What made it even better was that they were using products from The Pony Pick


Here is a look at the segment:



Grab your Pony Pick products and give these styles a try:


Half Back Heart:

elastic band remover


  • Secure a half-up pony with first elastic
  • Gently separate the hair into two section above the elastic creating a small 'hole'
  • Fish the pony up through the underside of the hole, so the tail is now directed towards the sky (a reverse topsy tail)
  • Next, separate the tail into two equal sections and twist them towards the face into ropes
  • Bring the ends together creating a heart shape, and secure with a second elastic.

Braided Heart Pigtails (best for long hair)

Rubber band remover

Divide hair down the entire center of head, and secure in two low pigtails just behind the ears.

  • Begin braiding a standard three section braid and secure with elastic after 3-4 inches
  • Next, split the remaining tails into two equal sections, and braid each section individually to the bottom and secure.
  • Flip the larger braided section upwards bringing the first and second elastic together, forming a small loop, and then secure the bun you formed with another elastic. Your smaller braids should now be headed upward towards the sky.
  • Bend the smaller braids back down in an arch shape to create the heart, and secure with elastic at the 'point' of the shape.

Space Bun Hearts


  • Secure your preferred 1 or 2 triangle shape sections at the top of the and pull elastic snug against the scalp.
  • Add a second elastic about 1/2 inch away from the first on the pony tail.
  • Next, split the ponytail in two equal sections above the second elastic and bend the tails into an arch to form the heart shape desired.
  • Pinching the base or 'point' of the heart shape with one hand, use the other hand to secure the heart with another elastic around the base of the first elastic.

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