The Pony Pick makes the perfect Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is coming quickly and we have the perfect stocking stuffers for the hair lovers in your life! Our products are the solutions to your everyday hair troubles that will keep you happy in the New Year!

Here are some great ideas:

The Pony Pick

The Pony Pick makes removing hair elastics a literal snap. Simply insert the pick under one layer of an elastic in your child’s hair, slide the elastic toward the razor, and pull the elastic away from the hair. The elastic breaks with ease. No hair damage. No tears. No stress.

Learn more about The Pony Pick HERE.


Wide Tooth Comb

This comb is a gentle detangler. Its large, sturdy teeth glide smoothly through wet and dry hair to eliminate the ouch factor of working through knots. Use it in and out of the shower to distribute conditioner and other hair treatments evenly through any hair type. This is the comb to use if you want to minimize hair breakage.


Continuous Spray Bottle

This salon-quality spray bottle refreshes hair with a fine mist, evenly distributing water for quick hair saturation without dripping. The trigger pulls easily to dispense constant moisture that flattens kinks, controls hair movement, and rehydrates natural curls.

The Elastics Pack

Our elastics blend seamlessly with all shades of hair. Elastics come in clear, black and brown. They are strong and stretchy enough to hold even the thickest, textured hair without losing their shape.

Unlike other elastics, ours don’t break easily. They won’t snap while you’re putting them in and will stay strong through any activity. Say goodbye to painful pulling and hair breakage, because with the Pony Pick, these elastics break free with ease.

The Party Comb

This comb is precise, but knows how to have a little fun. Use it to elevate any hairstyle with perfect parts and easy sectioning. The fine teeth of the comb flawlessly smooth bumps, but also tease and lift hair for a little more flair. lows you to get the most precise parts for all your hair styles.

The Everyday Brush

This is your everyday, go-to hairbrush. Its strong, sturdy bristles are no match for the toughest tangles so your hair stays smooth. The brush’s salon-quality design and sleek aesthetic will make it a staple in your bathroom drawer.


The PET Pony Pick

 Our Pet Pony Pick is just like the regular Pony Pick, but it’s specially designed with animals in mind. This elastic remover is perfect to take off any hairstyles you create on a pet with ease.


The Signature Box

Get the essentials you need to make your hair routine less painful for everyone. Whether your first baby is just getting enough hair for ponies, or you have multiple kids who throw a fit when it’s “hair time,” everything you need to get started is right here.

The kit includes one Pony Pick, the Large Brush, the Rat Tail Comb, the Continuous Spray Bottle, and a Sample Pack of Plastic Elastics in clear, brown, and black.


All of our Pony Pick products are the perfect gift for all of your hair lovers this Christmas. Make sure you order by December 15th to get your products on time before the holiday!


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