What is the Pony Pick?

The Pony Pick is an easy-to-use tool that helps get those painful hair elastics out without any damage. It works by slipping the band off your ponytail like a scissor, without having to tug at your hair.  Our Founder Lauren designed the tool with her 5 girls in mind; to be simple and safe at the same time. 

The Pony Pick is small and portable. It can easily fit in a basket, drawer, purse or travel bag. It is purposely designed so that the blade that cuts through the elastic is tucked away very securely, so it won't cut any little fingers. The tool also has a pointed edge so that you can maneuver through the elastic and the hair as easily as possible. Of course it has our name engraved on the side so you know you are using an original! 

The Pony Pick makes removing hair elastics a literal snap. Simply insert the pick under one layer of an elastic in your child’s hair, slide the elastic toward the razor, and pull the elastic away from the hair. The elastic breaks with ease. No hair damage. No tears. No stress.


The Pony Pick is a quick and easy rubber band hair cutter removal tool that's great for all hair types. The pain free elastic remover will cut elastic hair ties and also cut away the time it takes to normally remove hair accessories.


Stop the fight of removing elastic bands with this one simple tool. The Pony Pick is perfect for kids, adults and even pets. It’s so easy your pet won't feel a thing. Stop the damage it causes when you have to typically tug and pull.


The Pony Pick makes removal Effortlessly Easy! Remove in 3 easy steps. Simply place the tip of the pick under one loop of the elastic band. Lift the pick tool up and away from hair, cutting the band. Slide the pick to remove elastic. 


With this accessory you can get fun styles for yourself or your kids. Tie as many rubber bands for hair that you want. From ponytails to braiding, to thin and thick hair you won't have to worry about taking rubber bands out ever again.


The Pony Pick
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