Tips and Tricks for Healthy Hair Growth

Achieving fast and healthy hair growth isn't easy for everyone. You've probably read countless articles on the internet telling you to add more biotin to your diet or to invest in hair growth supplements. While some of these supplements may be beneficial, they won't always help you see results.

It takes time, patience, and a lot of prevention to grow your hair to new lengths. Since your hair only grows roughly half an inch a month, you'll want to revise your hair care routine to see results and keep your hair healthy and thriving.

Here are our tips and tricks for faster and healthier hair growth:

Go Easy with the Shampoo

Did you know you can actually over-shampoo your hair? If you're using shampoo every day of the week, you could be stripping your hair of its natural oils. This can lead to a dull appearance, dryness, and split ends. If your hair gets greasy between washes, consider switching to dry shampoo. Dry shampoos will eliminate the excess grease and help you go longer between washes. 

Trim Your Ends Regularly 

Yes, it's true: Trimming your hair can help your hair grow. If you want to grow your hair longer than it is right now: You'll want to get your hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks. If you avoid regular trims, your split ends will continue to move up your hair strands. This will split the shaft and cause your hair to appear shorter than it actually is.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that your pillowcase could be what’s keeping you from reaching your hair goals? Silk pillowcases are easier on the hair than traditional cotton or polyester ones. They don’t cause as much residual damage and are the perfect investment to maintain the mane. Keep in mind - switching your pillowcase out won't make your hair magically grow at night. However, it will help prevent additional damage! (Every little thing helps!)

Ditch the Hot Tools

It's time to say goodbye to your favorite hot tools. While curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners might help you perfect your hair, they can also cause more harm than good. Look, we get it. Sometimes you need to use a styling tool to achieve that flawless finished look. Just don't forget to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants will help seal in moisture and protect the cuticle, to prevent split ends and dryness. 

Switch to Heatless Styles

Instead of curling or straightening your hair, consider styles that don't take the heat. Throw your hair in a pony and try out a few trending hairstyles. Switching to heatless styles is a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair and prevent damage from forming. With The Pony Pick, you can easily remove painful hair elastics at the end of the day without causing any damage. This tool works by slipping the band off your ponytail, and voila! You're good to go. 

Avoid Breakage with The Pony Pick

Prevention is key to growing the long, beautiful hair of your dreams. By making small adjustments to your hair care routine and protecting your hair from split ends, you can grow your hair to new lengths! The Pony Pick is an easy-to-use tool that helps get those painful hair elastics out without any damage. It works by slipping the band off your ponytail like a scissor, without having to tug at your hair.

If you're ready to say goodbye to hot tools and switch to heatless styles, you'll need The Pony Pick by your side. This tool makes eliminating elastic bands from your hair a breeze. You won't need to worry about damaging your lovely locks or hurting yourself by fighting off tiny elastics.



The Pony Pick
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